Musical Theatre Choreographer

Character-driven, narrative choreography for Musical Theatre, Young Audience, Movement Theatre and more in France, Switzerland, Austria and internationally.

Photo: Konterfei Photography

Photos: Stephane Parphot

Welcome to my world of

Musical Theatre

A true passion for story-telling through movement led me to theatre choreography. Making music and words come to life visually, I seek to create character-driven choreography with a strong focus on the narrative aspect.

Photos: Stephane Parphot

What more to offer?

When I am not in the theatre, the following options are on my schedule.

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dances

Looking for a fun & meaningful way to celebrate your day? Let me tailor your first dance around your wishes.

Event Choreography


If you are looking to spice up your event, with a small dance show, a musical theatre number might be perfect for you.

Dance Workshops


I do teach workshops in Theatre Dance, as well as different dance styles, based on various levels and workshop groups.

Screen Choreography


Wether if you need choreography for your music video or a TV commercial, movement is perfect to visualise your message.


Reviews of Musical Theatre Choreographer

Les chorégraphies sont nombreuses, dynamiques et très réussies. Elles apportent des respirations et une touche de légèreté au récit.

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