French Contemporary Dance Theatre

Tickets are on sale now for the french premier of the contemporary theatre piece Moi, Myself & Ich on November 10th, 19h at Théâtre de Belleville! Come along!

Regular offers: Digitick
2 for 1: Billetreduc

MOI, MYSELF & ICH is a story about three personalities, three complimentary forces and their struggle to live side by side. Each force is essentially different from the two others. Each one has its singularities, strengths and weaknesses. Every one of these characters walks through life within their own horizons, their own truth and habits, without caring too much for one another and without realising how much they actually influence and depend on each other. Soon enough their limits will show and they will be obliged to turn to each other for help…

The first reviews of The Revenge of Captain Hook (La Revanche du Capitaine Crochet) after last weeks premier at Théâtre des Variétés are out!

“Les chorégraphies sont nombreuses, dynamiques et très réussies. Elles apportent des respirations et une touche de légèreté au récit.” – Regard en Coulisses

“Nous avons passé un super moment. Danses de haut niveau, chanteurs époustouflants – une vraie comédie musicale, ça fait du bien !” – Billetreduc

To read the full article about the show please visit: Regard en Coulisses
Find out all about what the audiences thought: Billetreduc

A Contemporary Musical Tale

Éloge de l’Imperfection is a contemporary musical tale by Jacynthe Lamon. The swiss run starts from October 22nd at Teatro Comico Sion. International dates will follow.

Director: Eléonore Dyl
With: Jacynthe Lamon & Javier Lester Abalsamo

Music: David Anguera, Jacynthe Lamon
Choreography: Julia Ledl
Scenography: Gilles Vuissoz
Costumes: Magueline Preciado Mosquera
Movement Coaching: Sophie Kasser

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